Well, I’m back, and feeling a bit nervous. I’ve decided that I’m really going to try to make this work. Due to extenuating circumstances, I have quite my job, and am now going to dedicate the next month to making freelancing work. As such, I will be attempting to make at least one post to this blog a day, most likely in the evenings.

I believe that this blog will continue to remain semi-eclectic until I figure out exactly what it is that I want it to be about. But I kind of enjoy that, to be honest. It fits my personality well.

My goal is, at the very least, to not be boring. If I can write something useful that helps someone along the way, then that’s a bonus! But for the time being, I think that this will suffice.

Here’s to the new year. May we all try to improve our lives at least a bit from last year!

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