I know this post is late, but I wanted to post the photos that I took during the Lunar Eclipse this past week! This year may have started out pretty rough, between government shutdowns and the same old bad news stories as usual, but after this wonderful cosmic event, the year is starting to look up!

It was pretty chilly out, but I set up my Orion 6″ Dobsonian reflector telescope and got to watch this rare event. Unfortunately, I don’t have a decent camera, but these photos I took with my phone turned out alright, I’d say!

Remember that even though things may seem hard, and sometimes bad things happen, always look for the good. If you spend all your time dwelling on the bad, then the good things in life will pass you by. Because sometimes, all it takes is watching nature moving along just fine, despite all the things that happen and the issues that we make for ourselves, to remember that things are going to be okay.

Happy 2019, everyone!

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